Friday, October 3, 2008

I heart LS

The “I heart NY” shirt is pretty much the staple tourist item one gets when visiting NYC, but wouldn’t you love to have one that is made just for you? Well now you can! Alison Kelly, from Project Runway Season 3, and her boyfriend Dane Risch, from the band Salt and Samovar are launching their own line of customized “I heart…” shirts and totes. The line is called “Dahl + Dane = True Love Always”, Dahl after Alison’s clothing line and Dane well after Dane, duh :)
Dane and Alison

What makes these shirts so special you ask?
Well not only can you get them customized to profess your love to whom ever you want (LS for Luxury Spot!) but they are also completely organic, so you are helping the environment as well! Another really cool thing about them is that Alison and Dane hand-screen each shirt with water based ink. So your custom shirt is sure to be made with a lot of love! They are only available through Christmas 2008 so make sure you visit their website and get your own organic shirt or tote and show your love to everyone!

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