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Friday, October 3, 2008

Samples for Ecompassion

If you are going to be spending money this weekend why not have it go toward a good cause? Now through Oct. 5 you can you can go to a sample sale with discounts, up to 80%, on Edun, Theory, DVF, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Vince products.

Where does your money go? Sales profit Somaly Mam, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending human trafficking. AND with each sale a tree will be planted, so you can help the planet as well!

So buy some cute new items this weekend and know that you made a diference doing it :)

I heart LS

The “I heart NY” shirt is pretty much the staple tourist item one gets when visiting NYC, but wouldn’t you love to have one that is made just for you? Well now you can! Alison Kelly, from Project Runway Season 3, and her boyfriend Dane Risch, from the band Salt and Samovar are launching their own line of customized “I heart…” shirts and totes. The line is called “Dahl + Dane = True Love Always”, Dahl after Alison’s clothing line and Dane well after Dane, duh :)
Dane and Alison

What makes these shirts so special you ask?
Well not only can you get them customized to profess your love to whom ever you want (LS for Luxury Spot!) but they are also completely organic, so you are helping the environment as well! Another really cool thing about them is that Alison and Dane hand-screen each shirt with water based ink. So your custom shirt is sure to be made with a lot of love! They are only available through Christmas 2008 so make sure you visit their website and get your own organic shirt or tote and show your love to everyone!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Keep your skin juiCy

It is getting cooler and cooler in NYC and every where I turn it seems like everyone is getting sick! The coughs and the sniffles have started and I am doing everything I can not to join the crowd. So my refrigerator is stocked with Orange Juice beacuse everyone knows vitamin C is great for your immune system and keeping you healthy! But did you know that vitamin C is also great for your skin? Vitamin C promotes collagen production, gives your skin sun protection and neutralizes free radicals which can destroy your skin and it's components. It improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles! These are some great vitamin C filled skin products that you should stock up on!

Lancome Resurface-C Microdermabrasion
Has pure vitamin c and will improve your skin's texture and radiance in two steps!

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Line
Elizabeth Grant has a whole line of products infused with vitamin C. The line includes everything from body scrubs, cleansers, and lotions to serums and eye creams.

If you are already sick keep chugging that OJ and rejuvinate your skin with these great vitamin C products; and if your still healthy keep your skin that way too!!!!

Our Golden Giveaway Comes to a Close

Special thanks and Congratulations to LAUREN, who won our Elizabeth Grant 24K Gold Cream Giveaway!

Enjoy your luxurious Elizabeth Grant 24K Gold cream- and let us know how it is!

Make sure to enter our EATWHATEVER giveaway- for a chance to win 10 packs of minty freshness and a PERSONAL EATWHATEVER TEE

A Pink October

October is finally here but instead of thinking orange and black, THINK PINK! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you can find almost anything in a girl's favorite color :) The Pink Ribbon Shop has so many products you can buy and a portion of all the proceeds is donated to breast cancer organizations! You can find everything from clothing and jewelry, to baking and cookware, children's items, products for men, even stuff for your pet! Everyone can show their support for such an amazing cause! These are some of my favorite items from The Pink Ribbon Shop:

14K Yellow Gold and Pink Sapphire Necklace-$324.95

If your wallet is too tight for that necklace, then this is a great alternative to still show your support:
Sterling Silver and Pink Crystal Awareness Ribbon Charm Necklace- $24.95

Children's Items:
"Hope" Girl's Golf Club Set by Wilson- $99.95

For the men:
Pink Ribbon Necktie (available in pink, red, grey, and black) -$59.95

Your pup can go pink too!
Pink Ribbon Dog Leash- $23.95

Love to Bake?
Baking Gift Set- $ 28.75

Set includes a ribbon cookie cutter,
pink ribbon sprinkles,
baking/muffin cups, pot holder,
all in a ribbon cake pan!
Ashley just had a Q&A with Aidyn Crowe and she mentioned having a clothing swap with girlfriends and what better way to do that than with pink ribbon treats?!?

Why should you help support breast cancer? Here are some facts:
Each year about 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and more than 40,000 will die from it.
Breast cancer can also affect men, an estimated 1,700 men are diagnosed each year 450 die from it.
Breast cancer is second to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death in women.
Find these and more facts and information at

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Magical 'Swallow and Suck' Weekend

Saturday Night Out

As promised, I tried out the hottest new breath saver on the market....eatwhatever.

And this small discreet pack (of ten jellies and ten mints) FOR SURE is the BEST thing that has happened to my mouth since lip plumpers!

Available online, or check out for local retailers

It's so simple! First open the pack ( pictured above) and swallow a couple of the wee jellies....and wait for them to literally KILL the bad breath from within! While they're going to work...just suck on one of the ten minty morsels and you're set!

So will it give garlic breath the boot? YES!

Will it omit onion odors? INDEED!


One lucky reader will receive some delish packs of eatwhatever mints...AND one of these amazing and stylish tees (in your size)!!

Just sign up (on the right of the page) for the blog to enter!

Be sure to keep eatwhatever mints on hand at ALL time, to be two steps close to kissable breath!

Celeb Stylist Aidyn Crowe Tells All!

What's hot? What's not? What tips can help us survive the not-so-luxury-friendly economy?

Stylist to the Stars, Aidyn Crowe, has graciously gave TheLuxurySpot (TLS)a sneak-peak at this seasons hottest trends.

TLS: What are the hot new trends for the fall fashion season?

AC: Rich textures including bold plaids checks and tweeds. Layered looks. Long skirts and dresses as well as long jackets. It is a season of retro and refinement, minimalism and excess. In other words…anything goes.

TLS: We all know finances can be tight- especially with the current economic situations—What pieces can be pulled out of the closet from past seasons and integrated into our chilly-weather wardrobe?

AC: I call this fiscally fashionable or eco-conscious consumerism.
Take an inventory of your closet and see what items you aren’t really wearin
g anymore. I like following the two-year rule.

·For higher ticket items you can either go to a local consignment store (in NYC I recommend Ina or Tokyo 7) or head to your local resale store (in NYC area I recommend Buffalo Exchange or Beacons Closet)

·If you have items you love find new ways to wear them. Know the difference between a classic and a trend. If you are still hanging onto those plaid shirts from the grunge era, good news, they are back. Pair then them with scarves and leggings or cute skirts and with sweater tights and boots.

·If you have an amazing floor length gown that is perfect but you have no place to wear it, cut it off to cocktail length. Et’ Voila you have a new party dress.

·I enjoy having clothing swaps with friends. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and find hidden treasures. I try t do this a least 4 times a year. If there are items left over, simply donate them to one of the many worthwhile charities in your area.

TLS:We’re all on the hunt for staple cold-weather items. Any recommendations for a fashion-forward boot? Cozy yet chic coat? Hair friendly hats?


Let’s face it, hat head is an inevitable part of, however, you can still look great while wearing one.

Some of my Favorites are:

Patricia Underwood Romy Cashmere Hat $295

Eugenia Kim Jill Cable Knit Slouchy Skull Cap $188

TLS: Finally, what would be your fashion 'motto'? AC:

AC: I live by the motto of the great Yves Saint Laurent…

"Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal"

Do you have any fashion questions for our Celeb Stylist, Aidyn Crowe? Post them here!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rent-Compromising Rationalization

While every Hollywood girl might be pushing their collection of Hervé Léger bandage dresses to the back of their closets, this lust-worthy trend lives on - at least in my heart - today.

Something about these super luxe Ace bandages is so appealing to the female eye.
Perhaps it's because we also are led to the assumption that this is like super sexy Spanx, a quick fix to every booty and belly blemish possible.

For girls like me, the Spring 09' collection by Max Azria didn't disappoint. From glittering ball gowns to peep-show minis and bondage-ready bikinis, all bandage fans can rest assured that Hervé will be in demand.

However, the price tag might smart just a bit, but let me breakdown the most practical and impractical Hervé purchases, that may lead you to believe that you might need a piece of spandex goodness in your wardrobe sooner rather than later.

The nude Hervé mock-ini
(price, TBA)
Pros: Walking sex never looked so good.
Cons: Most ridiculous tan lines, ever.
Sorry-I-Can't-Pay-Rent-This-Month-worthy?: 2 out of 10

The sparkly Hervé party dress
($1,590, pre-order from Intermix)
Pros: The sexiest little black dress on New Years.
Cons: No promises that you'll be the only girl there wearing it.
Sorry-I-Can't-Pay-Rent-This-Month-worthy?: 7 out of 10

The high-waisted Hervé pencil skirt
($550, from Intermix)
Pros: Practical, simple, and classic. And it won't break the bank.
Cons: I'll be borrowing it, for the next 5 years.
Sorry-I-Can't-Pay-Rent-This-Month-worthy?: 10 out of 10

Sarah Silverman Wants YOU to Schlep

We're all a little divided here at over who our next president should be.
Personally, Obama isn't my top pick, but I thought I'd indulge Ashley since she's a "Gobama!" kinda gal!

See more Sarah Silverman videos at Funny or Die

Friday, September 26, 2008

All we need is a little HOPe

When not investing my loot in the numerous pairs, styles, colors, shapes (you get the idea) of shoes and coats needed for the fall season I, along with MANY luxury fans, like to give back to those who need it the most. Individuals who are fortunate enough to be able to indulge ourselves in the finer things in life can go one step further and make the WORLD of difference by being involved in Charitable Organizations.

Siobhan O'Shea, the Chairperson fo
r Helping Other People (HOPe) happens to be one of the biggest fans of luxury goods I have ever met. With the uncanny ability to strut into her a charity fund raiser meeting the same way she would strut into a board meeting (or Saks for that matter!), she is an inspiration to us all!

I sat down with Siobhan to get to know a little more about her charity work, and what HOPe is all about:

How did HOPe come about?:
HOPe started a few years ago. It was basically born out of conversations about the developing world, by a small group of people who asked themselves what they could do to help.Our goal at HOPe is a large one—to give people the chance to escape the ongoing cycle of poverty—but it’s achieved in small steps. By providing basic health care, education and training facilities we give people a way to change their lives—and potentially the lives of the generations to follow.

What kinds of projects have you worked on?
Our projects take on all shapes and sizes. We’ve sent boys in rural Tanzania to carpentry school and set them up with tools, so when they return to their villages they are in a good position to support their families and their communities. We’ve supported a shelter that provides much needed food and medical care for women and
children with AIDS in Peru. And, I just attended the opening ceremony for a health clinic in San Pedro Sula, Honduras—a place for wellness and general health where people are forgotten.

You have such a busy life! How did your progression from Volunteer to Chairperson of HOPe come about?
When I started with HOPe, during our beginnings in 2001, I never anticipated that I’d have the honor of serving as Chairperson. You’re right – I have a busy life. We all do! But I’ve experienced our growth and I’ve seen the great work we’ve done together. That has great meaning for me and I love the work I do with HOPe.

Where & When do meetings occur?
Our monthly meetings usually t
ake place the third Thursday of every month in the Kerry Building on McLean Avenue in Yonkers. The next meetings take place on October 16 and November 20.

Tell us about your upcoming events:
We had our first HOPe golf outing a couple of months ago and it was a great success. Our next major event is our Annual HOPe Benefit at Rosie O’Grady’s Manhattan Club on November 13 at 6:30pm. All are welcome! Just send me your contact information ( and I’ll be sure you get an invitation.

How can we donate?
You can support HOPe in the way that works for you. Financial donations can be made on our web site or mailed to HOPe at P.O. Box 354, Woodlawn Station, NY 10470.

Who can we contact for more questions?
You can always find information on Or contact me at

So there's a little HOPe to start off your weekend.... feel free to contact me or Siobhan for any information!

The Luxury Spot team will see you all on November 13 at the Annual HOPe Benefit!

Swallow and Suck

"Suck and Swallow...Two Steps to Kissable Breath".....

a bit suggestive...I will but continue....

Nobody likes bad breath...especially not the lovely ladies and gents at eatwhatever! This 'all natural two-step solution to after-meal unkissable breath' has made its way into the mouths of many, helping their breath stay fresh!

What's best about eatwhatever is that the two step process actually KILLS the bad breath...not just mask it with minty aromas!

Here's how it works:

SWALLOW two-three vegetarian jellies, releasing oils that counter that nasty garlic breath

SUCK on a delish mint to help your breath smell fresh, while the jellie's oils do their thing!

There are many exciting things about fresh breath...but these are the most exciting things eatwhatever can promise:

  • it ELIMINATES smelly yucky breath...
  • it contains all natural & organic oils
  • it is VEGETARIAN (yay!) Other jellies contain pork or beef derivatives (yuckyyy)
Sound too good to be true??

I will be testing these mints out during my nights out this weekend, and report back with my review!!

Color Me Pretty

What can tie an outfit together better than a fun shade of nail polish to match your mood? There are so many different shades of nail polishes perfect to fit any style. Even if you don't like to wear polish all the time they are just fun to collect :) Here are two of my favorite shades of the moment:

"Forever Young" by Essie
A bright tango red for a fun splash of color :)

"Lincoln Park After Dark" by O.P.I.
A pretty dark purple perfect for the night

And for those of us who want to be environmentally friendly:
Priti Nail Polish and Removers are made from all natural ingredients make it safe for the planet!

On top of coming in adorable shades, nail polishes always have the most creative names, here are some that I just thought were funny and cute:
"Bikini With A Martini"
"Friar, Friar, Pants On Fire!"
"Who Comes Up With These Names?"

Fall Makeup Tips

We all know that the economy stinks right now and our wallets are all getting a little bit tight. No worries I found some helpful hints on how to turn your summer makeup products into fall ones, saving you the time of shopping for new makeup and saving you money! Who doesn't love that :) Here are my favorite tips:

For Your Lips:
Don't trash your bright summer lipstick shades. Layer a darker shade with a lighter one to get pretty fall hues. Mixing brown and pinks makes rose and red and purple gives you a plum!

Want to make your lips look full and luscious?
Dabbed sparkly eye shadow in the center of your lips, the shimmer draws the light to your lips and gives the effect of fullness.

To Get Model Cheekbones:
Models always seem to have such sculpted cheeks, utilizing your bronzer can get you this look as well. Swipe your bronzer or dark powder from the summer on the hallows of your cheeks, right under the bone. This creates a shadow giving the illusion of chiseled cheekbones.

Make Your Skin Shine:Since the weather is still nice out we are not completely covering up and we still want our skin to look nice. Use a makeup primer on your legs or arms, it evens out and enhances your skin tone making you glow!

Enjoy and share any beauty tricks of your own :)

SpoonFed Luxury

We love all sorts of baubles... everything from understated silver pieces to the flashiest chunks of gold and gemstones.  It's unusual that we find a line of gorgeous, whimsical pieces though that are both American-made and won't break the bank!  We recently came across SpoonFed Art's breathtaking pendants (most of which retail for about $100).  Los Angeles-based designer Karin Collins began working with collage in 2004, and started using recycled spoons to create one-of-a-kind jewelry creations.  They're amazing!  

And men, they're a nice "thanks for spooning with me last night," gift that has a fairly NSA vibe.

Pictured here is the "Octopus Net" necklace, retailing for $125                                                            with a 16" chain on

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Elizabeth Grant 24K Giveaway!

Hey boys and girls,

Make sure you enter for our ELIZABETH GRANT 24K GOLD CREAM GIVEAWAY (worth $300!)

Just add your email to the " SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST" on the right of the page, and you will be automatically entered!

And do it quick!! We will be picking a winner next week :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Purse-friendly cosmetics are always a girl's best friend. There's nothing worse than opening your satin-lined clutch to find that your favorite black kohl eye pencil has gone Harold and the Purple Crayon everywhere.

On the topic.... My lovely friends at Tarte never cease to amaze me with the fabulous luxuriously packaged products of their Fall 08' Health Couture collection that are not only eco-conscious, but handbag-conscious as well!

Not only do these four silky lipsticks come in plush fall colours, but they are super fruit infused, with the likes of Goji Berry (for anti-aging) and Acerola (for skin clarity!)

Also, they come with a mini matching lipliner, all tucked away in their own carrying case, quilted in Tarte's signature royal purple.

But the benefits are not only for you, of course.
Tarte's current collection is in cahoots with the Sambazon Sustainable Acai Project, helping to preserve communities in the Amazon Rainforest.

Look for Tarte's Lip Couture lipstick set ($32) at Sephora, Henri Bendel, and

Headbands like Blairs

Every time I watch Gossip Girl I always find myself saying "I love that headband!" Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) always seems to have the cutest headbands to match with every outfit. Now I was never really a headband type of girl but they have definitely evolved since I was in kindergarten. They have become more stylish than functional and I want to join the trend! So I went on a search to find out what type of headbands Blair wears on the show and I found a few that a few of them came from Jennifer Behr . The home page of the site even tells you which headbands Blair wore from certain episodes, it's amazing! Here are a two she wore this season:

Silk Satin Headwrap, Blair wore this in pink in episode 2, "Never Been Marcused"

Double Rosette Headwrap, Blair wore this in cream in episode 1 "The Premiere"
These are only 2, Jennifer Behr has tons of very stylish headbands perfect for all occasions from everyday to bridal!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.

I remember being a little girl, and playing dress up with my mother's high heels, and beautiful Halston scarves, and beautiful antique pearls. But NEVER....and I mean NEVER....was I to touch the PERFUME. This would result in my 3 middle names surfacing in the middle of my glamorous make-believe stint as a glamorous movie star in a 4 year old's body... (this didn't even happen the time I got caught in the bathtub putting my mom's blush and lipstick on my Barbies and My Little Ponies!)

My lovely mother was, and still is, a passionate and loyal lover of the House of Coco Chanel.
Which meant I most likely wouldn't walk into a house smelling of fresh baked cookies after school. ....Well, on the off chance that I was usually masked by the fragrant and familiar aroma of Chanel No. 5.

Classic, sophisitcated and the epitomy of luxury, Chanel No. 5 will always remind of simple style.

Nowadays, My mom has cooled her jets and now gladly shares the Chanel!

Meanwhile, Chanel is now glad to share some amazing twists on the original. Here are a few of our favs!

Chanel No. 5 Velvet Body Cream
: ($75)
Goes on smoothly while infused with a slight floral hint. Chanel's answer to the perfect mix between moisturizer and fragrance.

Chanel No. 5 Eau Premeire: ($125 for 5 .oz) New experience for the new generation of Chanel Lovers. A lighter version of the original, created by Jacques Polge, who created the original back in 1986.

Try it out for yourself and tell us what you think!

Celeb Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alan Bienstock

As any normal girl would do....I turn on the TV, or flip through a magazine, and see some of the worlds most sought after celebrity faces and bodies and that really what they look like? All perfect and perky? With no bumps on their noses and no wrinkles around their baby blue eyes?

We all wonder....what would it be like if we were a little slimmer...or a little bustier... or had a booty like J.Lo?

We decided that it's time to get down to business. What is really going on behind the velvet ropes and local anesthesia? What is happening in the world of celebrity plastic surgery?
For these answers...we went to the BEST OF THE BEST!

Dr. Alan Bienstock ( shown here, with The Luxury Spot's own Stephanie, at the September 5th NY Fashion Week Launch of Ottavia et Emma) is a world-renowned Plastic Surgeon to the stars. Based here in NYC...with another office in Princeton, NJ, Dr. Bienstock has been giving the faces and bodies of celebs something to smile about. (sans smile lines..of course!)

Here is our first question for Dr. Bienstock:

We have heard about plenty of celebs getting nose jobs. Some have said it was due to a 'deviated septum'. What is this condition, and is it possible that they are just using this as a cover up?
There are celebrities who in all reality have a deviated septum, which can cause nasal obstruction, snoring, and make it difficult to breathe. A deviated septum can have an impact in the tonal quality of voices during speech and singing and can make it impossible for some individuals to breathe adequately.

However, The correction of a nasal hump or widened, bulbous nasal tip is purely a cosmetic procedure known as a Rhinoplasty . This can be incorporated with repair of a deviated septum but the cosmetic portion must be distinguished from the reconstructive. Some individuals in the media will claim that they have had a deviated septum repair when in reality they had a formal cosmetic rhinoplasty or nose job.

Do you have any questions for Dr. Bienstock?

Please post YOUR questions for Dr. Bienstock here in our comments, or email them to We will post your answers here on!

Monday, September 22, 2008

hold me tight

Don't just pack away your collection of Malandrino minis and Alice + Olivia babydolls just yet! The transition of summer to fall clothing is my absolute favorite, because it is a prime opportunity to give your entire wardrobe a facelift!

Trade your bejeweled Choos for python flats, add a pashmina and a leather jacket, and you are ready to frolick in the freshly fallen leaves.

Finally, bring your summer favorites out to play by just adding my favorite accessory - tights!

I'm a huge fan of lace tights, fishnets semi-classier cousin, a la Blair Waldorf.

NYLON's September featured Alexa Chung in their It Girl editorial wearing a fabulous mini Chanel frock with a pair of black floral crochet tights by super luxe legwear maker, Fogal.

Perhaps a comparable trade-off would be these lace tights (with shockingly similar patterns) from Express under $20.

It started with Prada's Spring 06' collection, spotted in a phone booth with Carrie Bradshaw, and just maybe, over-the-knee opaque and sheer hosiery has found its way into mainstream fashion this season.

At least, I hope so!

And finally, a classic staple, Wolford Satin de luxe. From Miu Miu-esque puffed out mini skirts to floaty chiffon dresses, or even under a ripped-up jeans, these tights take the cake.

Elizabeth Grant 24K Gold Cream Giveaway! WOO!

We love Elizabeth Grant here at The Luxury Spot!! Their skincare products are as luxurious and luscious as it gets.They have lines with Vitamin C and even CAVIAR!

What's new with them? A new product has been formulated with 24K Gold! The Biocollasis™ GOLD Advanced Cellular Radiance .....and what is more luxurious than GOLD?

Wanna try it out?
Well it's your lucky day!

One lucky reader will WIN A GOLD CREAM! ( worth $300!!!!)
All you have to do it
'Subscribe to Our EMAIL LIST' (on the right of page) to enter!

email me with any questions :)

We will be picking the 'WIN A GOLD CREAM' winner next week-- so move fast!!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall into Boots

The weather this past week in NYC has proven that summer has come to end and fall is finally here. As much as I try to fight it, I am going to have to pack away my flip flops because my poor little toes can no longer take the cold. But there is no need to be sad, a new season just gives everyone a reason to extend their shoe collection! And what is a better shoe for the fall than the boot?I found this adorable brown leather slouchy boot from Gucci:


If you wallet is a little tight, I found this great alternative from Chinese Laundry


Now you, your wallet, and your toes will be happy!!

Diamonds, an iPod's best friend?

There are two accessories that I absolutely cannot leave the house without: my cell phone and my iPod. I just feel lost and completely unconnected to the world without my cell phone. I love to take me iPod wherever I go so I can jam to all of my favorite tunes while I'm walking to class, sitting on the train or at the gym. I must admit that I am also very clumsy and drop my iPod about 10 times a day (oops!).
So in order to protect my beloved accessory I went on the hunt for the perfect case and found my favorite:

The Burberry Gold Metallic leather mini iPod case at $140.

It's out of stock on, but I hope they get more soon!!

On my search I also came across the most outrageous case in the world, only Lil' Wayne would own this:

The Diamond iPod Case, encrusted with over 580 diamonds (that's over 10 carats!) set onto a 14k white gold case. It has been showcased at the International Gem & Jewelry Show, Inc.

Whats the price you ask? 12,495!!!!!

Did your jaw just drop, because mine sure did!

Lancome Love


Just say it...we ALL feel a little sexier, a little more kissable when our lips are shining and gleaming with juicy radiance.

The TRULY AMAZING ladies at Lancome-USA kindly sent the new over the new Lancome Juicy Tubes (a TheLuxurySpot MUST-HAVE) for us to try!! We could not be more appreciative of the kind, glossy gift :)

This collection has ONLY ONE COLOR, Rose Fishnets. And check out the Parisian, Moulin Rouge-esque fishnet tube. How sexy is that?!?

The gloss goes on smoothly, without too much GOOP and YUCK. Infused with gold radiance, it does not feel gritty, too thin, or too thick. The perfect gloss for daytime at work, or a night out ( which will most likely end with a make-out session).

We love Lancome Juicy Tubes-- Rose Fishnets! Thanks again to the lovely ladies of Lancome :)