Friday, September 19, 2008

Lancome Love


Just say it...we ALL feel a little sexier, a little more kissable when our lips are shining and gleaming with juicy radiance.

The TRULY AMAZING ladies at Lancome-USA kindly sent the new over the new Lancome Juicy Tubes (a TheLuxurySpot MUST-HAVE) for us to try!! We could not be more appreciative of the kind, glossy gift :)

This collection has ONLY ONE COLOR, Rose Fishnets. And check out the Parisian, Moulin Rouge-esque fishnet tube. How sexy is that?!?

The gloss goes on smoothly, without too much GOOP and YUCK. Infused with gold radiance, it does not feel gritty, too thin, or too thick. The perfect gloss for daytime at work, or a night out ( which will most likely end with a make-out session).

We love Lancome Juicy Tubes-- Rose Fishnets! Thanks again to the lovely ladies of Lancome :)

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