Friday, September 26, 2008

All we need is a little HOPe

When not investing my loot in the numerous pairs, styles, colors, shapes (you get the idea) of shoes and coats needed for the fall season I, along with MANY luxury fans, like to give back to those who need it the most. Individuals who are fortunate enough to be able to indulge ourselves in the finer things in life can go one step further and make the WORLD of difference by being involved in Charitable Organizations.

Siobhan O'Shea, the Chairperson fo
r Helping Other People (HOPe) happens to be one of the biggest fans of luxury goods I have ever met. With the uncanny ability to strut into her a charity fund raiser meeting the same way she would strut into a board meeting (or Saks for that matter!), she is an inspiration to us all!

I sat down with Siobhan to get to know a little more about her charity work, and what HOPe is all about:

How did HOPe come about?:
HOPe started a few years ago. It was basically born out of conversations about the developing world, by a small group of people who asked themselves what they could do to help.Our goal at HOPe is a large one—to give people the chance to escape the ongoing cycle of poverty—but it’s achieved in small steps. By providing basic health care, education and training facilities we give people a way to change their lives—and potentially the lives of the generations to follow.

What kinds of projects have you worked on?
Our projects take on all shapes and sizes. We’ve sent boys in rural Tanzania to carpentry school and set them up with tools, so when they return to their villages they are in a good position to support their families and their communities. We’ve supported a shelter that provides much needed food and medical care for women and
children with AIDS in Peru. And, I just attended the opening ceremony for a health clinic in San Pedro Sula, Honduras—a place for wellness and general health where people are forgotten.

You have such a busy life! How did your progression from Volunteer to Chairperson of HOPe come about?
When I started with HOPe, during our beginnings in 2001, I never anticipated that I’d have the honor of serving as Chairperson. You’re right – I have a busy life. We all do! But I’ve experienced our growth and I’ve seen the great work we’ve done together. That has great meaning for me and I love the work I do with HOPe.

Where & When do meetings occur?
Our monthly meetings usually t
ake place the third Thursday of every month in the Kerry Building on McLean Avenue in Yonkers. The next meetings take place on October 16 and November 20.

Tell us about your upcoming events:
We had our first HOPe golf outing a couple of months ago and it was a great success. Our next major event is our Annual HOPe Benefit at Rosie O’Grady’s Manhattan Club on November 13 at 6:30pm. All are welcome! Just send me your contact information ( and I’ll be sure you get an invitation.

How can we donate?
You can support HOPe in the way that works for you. Financial donations can be made on our web site or mailed to HOPe at P.O. Box 354, Woodlawn Station, NY 10470.

Who can we contact for more questions?
You can always find information on Or contact me at

So there's a little HOPe to start off your weekend.... feel free to contact me or Siobhan for any information!

The Luxury Spot team will see you all on November 13 at the Annual HOPe Benefit!

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