Friday, September 5, 2008

TV: Forget the drama, I love the fashion

While I love college, I hate my Monday night class because it completely interferes with my TV line up for the evening! I always miss Gossip Girl and the begining of The Hills. But thank my lucky stars for DVR!!! I have it preset to record all the episodes of both shows so I can watch them later in the week :) Since I love the fashion on Gossip Girl, The Hills, and on the new series of 90210, every week I will be posting my favorite look of the week and most likely the look will be coming from one of those three shows.
I love the New York style of Gossip Girl which stars my fav actress of the moment, Blake Lively. And who does not love the style of the girls on the Hills?! There is a look for everyone, Audrina is very rocker, Whitney is more bohemian, and Lauren and Lo have a simple classic style. 90210 just premired its first episode, a new chapter of the popular 90s series. The show is going to be filled with drama and of course some great fashion!

Tune in every week for my new look on my TV Fashion Spotlight. Make sure to comment about your fav look as well! I always look forward to a new fashion point of view :)

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