Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Celeb Stylist Aidyn Crowe Tells All!

What's hot? What's not? What tips can help us survive the not-so-luxury-friendly economy?

Stylist to the Stars, Aidyn Crowe, has graciously gave TheLuxurySpot (TLS)a sneak-peak at this seasons hottest trends.

TLS: What are the hot new trends for the fall fashion season?

AC: Rich textures including bold plaids checks and tweeds. Layered looks. Long skirts and dresses as well as long jackets. It is a season of retro and refinement, minimalism and excess. In other words…anything goes.

TLS: We all know finances can be tight- especially with the current economic situations—What pieces can be pulled out of the closet from past seasons and integrated into our chilly-weather wardrobe?

AC: I call this fiscally fashionable or eco-conscious consumerism.
Take an inventory of your closet and see what items you aren’t really wearin
g anymore. I like following the two-year rule.

·For higher ticket items you can either go to a local consignment store (in NYC I recommend Ina or Tokyo 7) or head to your local resale store (in NYC area I recommend Buffalo Exchange or Beacons Closet)

·If you have items you love find new ways to wear them. Know the difference between a classic and a trend. If you are still hanging onto those plaid shirts from the grunge era, good news, they are back. Pair then them with scarves and leggings or cute skirts and with sweater tights and boots.

·If you have an amazing floor length gown that is perfect but you have no place to wear it, cut it off to cocktail length. Et’ Voila you have a new party dress.

·I enjoy having clothing swaps with friends. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and find hidden treasures. I try t do this a least 4 times a year. If there are items left over, simply donate them to one of the many worthwhile charities in your area.

TLS:We’re all on the hunt for staple cold-weather items. Any recommendations for a fashion-forward boot? Cozy yet chic coat? Hair friendly hats?


Let’s face it, hat head is an inevitable part of, however, you can still look great while wearing one.

Some of my Favorites are:

Patricia Underwood Romy Cashmere Hat $295

Eugenia Kim Jill Cable Knit Slouchy Skull Cap $188

TLS: Finally, what would be your fashion 'motto'? AC:

AC: I live by the motto of the great Yves Saint Laurent…

"Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal"

Do you have any fashion questions for our Celeb Stylist, Aidyn Crowe? Post them here!

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