Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fashion: Ottavia et Emma Launch Party-- NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!!

Fashion Week....what would a girl do without it? Although many in Manhattan choose not to drive, due to the abundance of cabs and car services available, we all have the chance to envision our hair blowing in the wind in the NEWEST Mercedes-Benz models. They are displayed throughout the tents in Bryant Park at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

As if the high energy fashion shows and luxe goodie-bags weren't reason enough to jaunt through a 'park' in 4-inch heels.... the fabulous after parties are the best way to end any night.

Opening night, September 5, was the Ottavia et Emma Launch party @ the Bryant Park Hotel Cellar Bar-- Exclusive Fun at its FINEST.

Here are some Pictures :)

Tons of amazing guests stopped by...including award winning actress Joan Allen! What a sweetheart- She absolutely loves the Ottavia et Emma (O&E) line...

Here is a stunning picture of model, Amonda, wearing the breathtaking Chiffon & Satin Dress from O&E:

We had a fun-filled night filled with dancing, fashion, celeb sightings, and thoroughly delish drinks- sponsored throughout the night by fabulous Chambord ( who doesn't love black raspberry liqueur?! YUMM!!!)

To top it all off....the SWAG BAG! What was inside, you ask?
  • 100% Organic Cotton Black Tote gift bags from O&E which are to die for. My new tote for trips to Whole Foods!
  • Ridiculously soft 100% Organic Cotton Long Sleeved Tees from O&E

  • The cutest mini Chambord bottles - new fav drink!
  • The newest colors from O.P.I. such as 'I'm CHAMBORD with it All'.... I brought mine to get a mani-pedi the next day. More updates on O.P.I. to come :)
Fun Times @ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!!!...

More to come!