Friday, September 26, 2008

Swallow and Suck

"Suck and Swallow...Two Steps to Kissable Breath".....

a bit suggestive...I will but continue....

Nobody likes bad breath...especially not the lovely ladies and gents at eatwhatever! This 'all natural two-step solution to after-meal unkissable breath' has made its way into the mouths of many, helping their breath stay fresh!

What's best about eatwhatever is that the two step process actually KILLS the bad breath...not just mask it with minty aromas!

Here's how it works:

SWALLOW two-three vegetarian jellies, releasing oils that counter that nasty garlic breath

SUCK on a delish mint to help your breath smell fresh, while the jellie's oils do their thing!

There are many exciting things about fresh breath...but these are the most exciting things eatwhatever can promise:

  • it ELIMINATES smelly yucky breath...
  • it contains all natural & organic oils
  • it is VEGETARIAN (yay!) Other jellies contain pork or beef derivatives (yuckyyy)
Sound too good to be true??

I will be testing these mints out during my nights out this weekend, and report back with my review!!

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