Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Fall Bag That I've Been Craving

Usually we think of beautiful, rich, autumn colors for our accessories this time of year... This year is a little different for me.  Call me crazy, and maybe it's just my pregnancy hormones, but I've fallen totally in love with this ultra-chic Carlos Falchi Drawstring Bag.  The deep teal alligator skin will compliment just about everything...  

  • Jeans and billowy blouse? Check.
  • Slinky dress and heels? Check.
  • Leggings and long sweater? Check.
  • Any other fab fashion concoction? CHECK!

With a belted top, rolled leather handles, and precise stitching... What's not to love?

We found it at for $295 per month, which is perfect for us, because by October our fickle hearts might just fall in love with the next incredible Falchi bag!

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