Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Turn On, Tune In

It's been slowly creeping into our wardrobes for about a year now, by way of forehead-hugging headbands and floral prints.  However, as Fall Fashion Week proved to be the acme of the Boho trend, I can't help but draw a parallel between the loose, flowing fabrics and the timing designers have chosen for these designs to reemerge.  As Americans divide over Iraq and and trust in our country's leader wavers, the 60's and all of the political turmoil that came with that decade is easily drawn to mind.
Beads, feathers, caftans, and soft but busy prints are easily recognizable in both the current pages of Vogue and the pages of any history book.  This deviance from structured looks and tight lines was most apparent at shows like Diane von Furstenberg, where models had feathers and flowers strung through their hair, even while showing a (rare) vested pantsuit.
Between a bell-sleeve mini dress and a fluid floor-length floral gown, the looks were woven with a bit more than a suggestion of the 60's.  Rebecca Taylor channeled the look, adding forehead bands to each look while dotting the collection with fringed bags. (Jimmy Choo, Diane Kid Fringe Hobo, $1495, Saks)

The differences between the reemergence of this trend and the original lie in the ability to wear it.  Those who indulged in these fashions in the 60's were of similar cultural beliefs, whereas today the trend has the ability to be pervasive.  In other words, you can finally wear the clothes without smelling like a bong!

~Aliza Zelin~

(A look from Miss Sixty, top left)

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