Monday, September 8, 2008

Make-Up: The PERFECT Red Lipstick

With my coloring (pale, freckles, strawberry-blonde hair, and light eyes...a 'ginger' if you will) it has always been hard for me to pull off dramatic make-up. That is until I did some research. After years of wondering if it would ever happen, and hearing all of the myths...I found the PERFECT RED LIPSTICK

For those of you who have had this problem, I know you’re out there ....Start by following some of these tips:

Know your skin-tone, and which red works best for you

  • If your skin has pink undertones, you can go with more cool and blue-ish 'true' reds Having more yellow undertones should lead you towards warmer brownish reds. Think of these stars have been seen sporting red lips, when defining your skin tone.

Fair skin: Think Scarlett Johansson, Gwen Stefani and Leighton Meister

Medium Skin: Think Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez

Dark Skin: Think Halle Berry and Beyoncè Knowles

Dramatic or Demure?
While some women can pull off a matte, dramatic red lip every day, adding a touch of gloss, or simply going with a creamy lipstick can give you a more subtle look . If you see someone on the street who has the kind of look you are going for (and they're not sprinting to catch a train in 4 inch heels) daring and ask them what they're wearing! The search for red-lipstick is usually grueling, and many women are glad help the cause. Plus, who doesn’t love a compliment?

Exfoliate! Red Lipstick will highlight any dry or chapped skin you may have on your lips....yuck!!! Want your lips to be soft and sweet enough to kiss?

Here is Ashley’s fool-proof lip exfoliation recipe:

Mix a dime sized drop of cool petroleum jelly with some coarse sugar, rub this on your lips with your finger for 15-20 seconds, and wipe off with a soft tissue or cotton ball and voila! (Make sure to moisturize well, to keep your lips looking fabulous!)

Underwear for lips
We all (well hopefully some of us!) wear underwear under our clothing. This gives us a good base, and makes us feel somewhat secure if our shirt somehow comes off! Why not have this principle for your lips? The worst nightmare for a lipstick wearer, is having your lipstick wear off, exposing a naked lip. Some ladies use a lighter application of concealer or foundation as a base for their lipstick. I always use a nude lip-liner the same color as my lips. This leaves me looking ‘clothed’ even if some of my red has rubbed off! I usually apply once before applying my first coat. Read below about my Yves Saint Laurent liner—it stays all day!

Bring a friend
Your favorite make-up counter will have skilled employees who can lead you down the path to success by offering you choices in your color family (warm or cool, blues or reds etc). If they are busy, however, they may not be able to stick around and give you opinions. It is always helpful to invite a friend with you who will give you an honest opinion. Ask your friend to lunch and work up an appetite while shopping for lipstick.

Test: When you begin your quest, start at your favorite make-up counter ( I go straight for Chanel, obviouslyyy), and have their representative give you the low-down on their return policy. Then, ask them if they have any lip-stick or promo samples to try. This will allow you to bring them home and test them out. They also can supply you with disposable lip brushes to paint your lips without getting the cooties, and make-up remover to give your lips a clean palette. Also, give yourself some time to wander to a couple of counters, to give yourself some options.

My picks:

LipLiner: Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Des Levres LipLiner in #17 Rose ( $25.00) - This is not exactly a nude color, but it matches my lips perfectly, and goes on so smooth! I apply once in the morning and it lasts me all day!

LipBrush: Stila #6 Lip Brush ($24.00) Brush is not too wide, not to skinny and the protective cap is perfect for travel!

LipStick: Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Crème Lipstick in Fire ($27.00) Ugh…perfection. Chanel does it again! They have formulated their lipstick to include Vitamin E and other skin soothers. This helps to keep lips healthy all day (that’s how long it lasts!)

When you finally think you've got your match:

Your skin will not look too pink, orange, or any other yucky color.

Your eyes will sparkle and pop.

Your teeth will look sparkling white.

People will NOT stop coming up to you asking for you autograph, thinking you're a movie star

OK...that may not actually happen, but remember to keep the rest of your makeup (eyes, cheeks) natural and light. Let your red lips be the star!

What brand makes YOUR perfect red lipstick?

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