Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Keep your skin juiCy

It is getting cooler and cooler in NYC and every where I turn it seems like everyone is getting sick! The coughs and the sniffles have started and I am doing everything I can not to join the crowd. So my refrigerator is stocked with Orange Juice beacuse everyone knows vitamin C is great for your immune system and keeping you healthy! But did you know that vitamin C is also great for your skin? Vitamin C promotes collagen production, gives your skin sun protection and neutralizes free radicals which can destroy your skin and it's components. It improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles! These are some great vitamin C filled skin products that you should stock up on!

Lancome Resurface-C Microdermabrasion
Has pure vitamin c and will improve your skin's texture and radiance in two steps!

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Line
Elizabeth Grant has a whole line of products infused with vitamin C. The line includes everything from body scrubs, cleansers, and lotions to serums and eye creams.

If you are already sick keep chugging that OJ and rejuvinate your skin with these great vitamin C products; and if your still healthy keep your skin that way too!!!!

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